My role as your doula is to provide you physical, emotional and informational support to you and your partner during labor and birth.

As a doula I offer assistance and advice on providing you and array of comfort measures such as breathing techniques, relaxation before and during the contractions , helpful movements and body positioning.I will incorporate massage, music, aromatherapy and any other modalities that help assist you and your spouse/partner in creating the most supportive and postivie experience.

I will also assist families to gather information about the course of their labor and their options, but most of all my role is providing continuous emotional support and reassurance. I am solely their to support the birthing mom completely where i have no other agenda. Doctors and nurses have their roles and time restrictions where as your doula I am their from beginning to end.

Research has shown that women who had doulas reported:

  • Breastfeeding more successful

  • More maternal infant interaction

  • Less postpartum depression, anxiety and low self esteem

  • Perceives her baby to be above the standard baby

  • Overall more satisfaction with her birth experience

Studies have shown that having a doula present with a woman in labor can:

  • Reduces the need for medication by 35%

  • Reduces the need for forceps by 50%

  • Reduces the need for Cesarean Section 51%

  • Reduces the length of labor by an average of 98 minutes

A doula's job is to provide unending emotional and physical support. I am here just for that. The hospital scene can feel a little confusing with all their staff and medical circumstances however I am there to help ease the tension and help nurture the mother to create a very positive, beautiful and rememberable birth. A birth you desire and deserve.

Having had a doula by my side made all the difference in the world. I am still brought to tears when I share my beautiful birth story. I want you to have a postive, supportive and nurturing birth too. If I can answer any questions please contact me so you can be on your way to creating the birth you so desire.