Your baby’s birth is a magical time! You deserve to have the birth and support that you desire, welcoming your new baby in a calm, supportive, and nurturing environment. Whether you choose a hospital or home birth, I am available to support and help facilitate your child’s birth the way you want. I believe as a mother that we have an innate ability to birth our baby if we are supported in birth, given as few interruptions as possible so we may labor while listening to our inner voice.

As your doula, I will encourage you and your partner/spouse, assist you in finding comfortable positions that encourage optimal fetal positioning, offer plenty of comfort measures (massage, verbal praise, visualization exercises), keep you well hydrated, and assist in making sure your wishes and desires are heard and respected by hospital staff.

Doula by Mari meets all requirements for use of Carrot
I am DONA certified, and a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator (LCCE). Trained since 2010, I also bring 21 years of massage therapy and prenatal specialties to your birth. Every month I embark on continuing my education with a seminar or workshop which keeps me updated with what’s going on in the birthing world and our community. I also hold a Bachelor degree in Human Development/Psychology from University of California, Riverside, a California State Teaching Credential, and various training with leading organizations.


I hope you will consider me to join your birth team and help you create a new beautiful family!

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