Copy partner on emails?
Best way for me to contact you
Does anyone else live in your home?
How would you rate your communication with your OB/Midwife?
Have you toured and registered at the hospital?
Have you taken a breastfeeding class?
Have you ever been diagnosed with:
On a regular basis do you prefer:
Are you RH-?
Have you ever had a breast reduction?
Have you ever had a breast augmentation?
Do you want/need additional information about:
Do you have faith in your body and trust that you and your baby instinctively know how to give birth?
Have you ever seen someone or an animal give birth before in real life (not TV or movie)?
Please check any cervical procedures you have received:
Have you ever dealt with vaginismus (pain during sex)?
Did you drink alcohol prior to pregnancy?
Have you ever taken the birth control pill?
Do you exercise?
Have you ever been diagnosed with:
Are you receiving care for any other physical or mental health issues?
Have you ever been pregnant before?
Have you given birth before?
Do you plan to breastfeed?
Have you or your family experienced postpartum depression before?
Have you ever considered placenta encapsulation to help balance hormonal imbalances, mood and healing after baby is born?