Childbirth Education

Lamaze Childbirth Education Class:

This engaging class is designed to prepare both of you for your incredible pregnancy journey, birth experience and sacred postpartum time. This class is exclusively yours consisting of three virtual classes of your choosing. Two hours each in length, covering topics such as:

  • Six healthy birth practices
  • Natural comfort measures: tips, tricks & tools
  • Birth Ownership
  • Bonding with your newborn
  • Physiology/anatomy
  • Conscious Communication
  • Birth preference sheet.
  • The phases and stages of labor
  • Emotional Coping techniques
  • Mexican Rebozo tricks
  • Spinning Babies essentials
  • Postpartum care
  • Breast feeding
  • Intro to newborn care

This is a very engaging class done in a fun and informative way.

wpx_DoulaChildbirth Education