Postpartum Support

Postpartum Doula Services-helping your family adjust to this new magical time!


As your postpartum support doula, I meet your family with whatever your needs are: babycare, light housekeeping, helping with meal preparation, organizing the household and nursery, kind of like your modern day “ Mary Poppins”. I spend time helping you and your family adjust and feel confident with your newborn. I can also assist in ergonomic breastfeeding support if desired. I gently remind you to rest and get the sleep you need so that your body can heal. I can assist with keeping your household functioning smoothly during this new time of transition. Your family may need assistance with your other children, errands, and or some pet care too. I am here to listen,help support you as you process your birth, and support you in your new role into motherhood. This should be an incredible time for you and your new family and I encourage you to enjoy the journey while feeling fully supported.

“It takes a village to raise a child”

-African proverb

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During this unprecedented time of the pandemic, you have a choice of what works best for you and your family. I’m currently offering virtual consulting support, as well as in person support following COVID-19 protocol. 

I want to emphasize that new parents should take time to focus-on, self care, and relaxation techniques/ mindfulness to reduce anxiety during this uncertain times. Stress levels may be high and adrenaline increases with lack of sleep, healing time may lag due to the rigors of this new parenting period. Some other things that might be helpful:

  •  Getting restful sleep (taking turns with baby care especially during night hours)
  •  Eating a healthy Whole Foods diet
  •  Practice meditation or other mindfulness and/or gentle yoga  practices for your mental health
  •  Work to boost your immune system.
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