Intro to Tantra Flow

In today’s world, we spend much of our day “plugged in,” rarely finding time to deeply connect face to face. Even a phone call is rare these days, when it seems like people prefer to just send a quick text. What has happened to great conversations in person, long European-style dining with friends, and intimated date nights that don’t involve the cinema or staring at the television?

True heart to heart connections are few and far between. It seems like a dying art form to truly be together when we can text, ping, and email.

Let the beauty, wisdom, and profound feelings of joy that come from the Eastern method of tantra open you up to a higher awareness, and begin your own sacred journey of rediscovering yourself, your body, and your energy centers. Whether you are single or in a loving relationship, the art and beauty of tantra awaits you. Discover deep bliss, expansive pleasure, breath work, and let magical love into your life! Through conscious breath, movement, and sound exercises, you will unleash the passion that has been dormant inside of you.

We have a dire need to invest in the relationships that mean the most to us, by building physical, spiritual, emotional, and sexual intimacy. Tantra can awaken your soul and give you a heightened level of sensual awareness and focus in this fast paced world. It can improve not only our general health, but lower our cortisol (stress hormone) levels, and increase our sex drive through conscious touch.

I invite you to give yourself, with or without your beloved, the gift of truly learning how to reawaken your inner lover. Don’t your relationships deserve that?

Other skills you may want to explore:

Let more love and light into your life with a Tantra Flow Practice!

Our bodies are an amazing “work of art!” Come unlock the key to your body’s true potential.

Your tantric journey is ready to take flight.

Please contact me for further information, or to arrange a live presentation to your group or organization, or to begin your personal practice.

Ready to explore more?

During these unprecedented times, we are human beings who need connection touch and community more then ever.

Currently offering a one hour session on Zoom or in person with you and your partner to introduce the 3 keys principals of bringing ecstasy and the art of being present for $150. Call Mari at: 650-245-8290 or email: doulabymari@gmail.com

  • Chakra/Energy Work
  • Conscious Breath-work
  • Full Body Orgasmic Potential-Breath of Love
  • Couples Sensual (loving touch) Instruction
  • Heart Opening Salutations
  • Partner Yoga Connection
  • Tantric Massage

Learn more at embracetantra.com